Top TIps

1. Boost Your Memory

Associate things in your mind by making lists or creating visuals. For example, whenever you picture a road rule, picture an image with it, i.e. a mental 'snapshot' of a scene where the rule has been applied. For every traffic sign, imagine yourself taking the correct action. 

2. Repetition is Key

When it comes to driving test day, you'll highly appreciate all the hard work you put into going over theory information. Not to mention practising your manoeuvres over and over again!

3. Study with Friends

It has been scientifically proven that people learn faster when they have a study buddy. Make that the perfect excuse to team up with friends and test each other with new questions and difficult scenarios!

4. Observe Others

Observe others when they are driving. This isn't for tips, as people who have held a license for a while may have picked up some bad habits! But observe them to test yourself on real-life scenarios, helping you to think about what you could do if you were in the driving seat. 

5. Relax

It's normal to worry about your mind going blank in the middle of a test, so just remember to focus on your breathing! It's proven that most of us forget to do this when we're nervous or scared, so take 3 slow breaths to calm, decrease adrenaline and relax. 

6. Don't Be pressured

Keep your driving test in perspective- it's not the end of the world if you do something wrong, or even if you fail. You are allowed to take the test as many times as you need to. 

7. Dealing with Stress

Don't let stress be the driver. If you begin to panic, slow down and take a breath. It's important to tell yourself you can do it and simply focus on what is ahead. 

8. Sleep

Make sure you get an early night and a good nights sleep before your test. Being tired is proven to affect your memory recall and your driving. 

9. Listen

Listen and focus on what your examiner says. Don't be afraid to ask them to repeat any instructions you may not have heard, or if you are unsure what they mean. 

10. Think Positively

Make sure you always think positively. How we think directs our behaviour directly, so picture yourself driving with confidence. Thousands of people pass their driving test every day, so you can too. 

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