The Theory Test

The first step to obtaining your full driver’s license is to pass the Theory Test. This must be passed before you can book your practical test, so most instructors will advise you to start working towards it as soon as possible.

The Theory test is split up into two parts- multiple choice questions and hazard perception. Both parts of the test must obtain a pass mark for you to pass the entire test. If you pass one part but not the other, you must re-sit the test! The Theory test can be sat as many times as possible.

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Multiple Choice Questions

The first part of the Theory test is computer based, touch screen test that consists of 50 multiple choice questions. In order to pass, you must get at least 43 of these questions correct. You have a maximum of 57 minutes to complete the test, but you are able to finish before this time if you want to. Before you start the theory test, you are able to partake in a 15 minute practice session. All questions in the Theory test are based on the Highway Code and other road safety matters.

Hazard Perception

The second part of the Theory test is hazard perception. Here, you will be shown 14 video clips, each one about a minute long. The videos feature multiple different types of hazards, for example vehicles, pedestrians and animals.
Within the fourteen video clips there are fifteen hazards to spot. 13 of the video clips contain just one hazard, but one of them contains two. You could score up to five points for each correctly spotted hazard, depending on how early you realise. The pass mark for hazard perception sits at 44 out of 75.

The Highway Code

This version has been adapted for online use from the Department for Transport's current printed version of the Highway Code. In any proceedings, whether civil or criminal, only the Department for Transport's current printed version of the Code should be relied upon.

These links will direct you to the Gov. Website for more information on the highway code.

Start with the basics of the rules and wordings of The Highway Code

Powered wheelchairs and mobility scooters
Using the road, road users requiring extra care and more

Rules for cyclists, you and your bicycle, first aid on the road and more

Drivers and Riders - Rules for drivers, waiting and parking, breakdowns and incidentsgeneral rules and more

Rules for pedestrians, first aid on the road and more

Horse riders and animals
Rules about animals, road users requiring extra care and more

Rules for motorcyclists, motorcycle licence requirements, driving in adverse weather conditions and more...

Traffic Signs,  Road Markings and Vehicle Markings
Signals to other road users, warning signs, signals by authorized persons and more...

Full Contents
Full contents of The Highway Code, from the introduction to signs and marking


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