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The practical driving test is the second part of your driving test, after you have completed and passed your theory.

This test starts with an eyesight test. You must be able to read a new style registration plate at a distance of 20 metres. If you are unable to do this, your test will automatically be terminated and your fee will be lost.

Next you will be asked to answer to Show Me, Tell Me questions. If you fail to answer these questions correctly, you will receive a minor fault for each incorrect answer given.

Next comes the driving. You will be examined on your general driving and on two of three reversing manoeuvres of which you have been taught by your driving instructor. You may also be asked to carry out an emergency stop exercise.

A standard driving test takes approximately 40 minutes in total, during which you can get up to 15 minor driving faults. If you obtain more than this, or too many in one category, your driving test attempt will be unsuccessful.
If you receive any serious or dangerous faults, this will result in failure.

As of October 2010, a new ‘Independent Driving’ section was added as part of the practical test. For this, you are required to follow signs to a specific location. This allows the examiner to see how well you deal without directions. 

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