Pass Plus

More People Pass First Time with A-Class!

A Class is happy to offer Short Pass Plus courses for those who have passed their driving tests! Pass Plus allows you to build on your existing skills and experience but with no test at the end! This can even entitle you to some discount on your car insurance. Thousands of new drivers enjoy the benefits of Pass Plus with A Class, who can help you with your first trip down the motorway, help you get used to your local roads and generally being better off. How many different types of roads and weather conditions have you driven in?

Pass Plus will take you through driving

  • In town
  • On rural roads
  • Through all weathers
  • On dual carriageways
  • On motorways
  • In the dark

The structured Pass Plus syllabus allows you to obtain extra experience in the time when you’re at a high risk of an accident. The amount you save on insurance could even cover the cost of the Pass Plus training!

When you successfully complete the Pass Plus course with A Class, the DSA will send you a certificate which will enable you to claim insurance discount. 

Find more information on this on the DVSA website by clicking here.


Get in touch with a member of the A Class team to find out more about participating in Pass Plus. 0800 043 50060845 459 50040333 577 5004 (mobile friendly).


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