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Here at A-Class we aim to provide the best training for you to become a driving instructor. We have some of the best driving instructor trainers that are fully certified and fully experienced to help you through your training. It is now a requirement for instructors to continue to train and update their skills, even after they have qualified as a driving instructor. This will mean that with A-Class you could further your skills to become an driving instructor trainer as well as a driving instructor. 

There are multiple options you can choose from when becoming a driving instructor:

option2.png Option One - The Fast Track 

  • Step 1: Week one pay £500.00 which includes all training material, cost of Part 1 exam £81.00 your initial meet and greet and assessment along with the training hours for part 2 and the part 2 exam fee £111.00.

  • Step 2: Week 6 pay £1000.00 this is for your mandatory 40 hours training before applying for a pink licence (training badge) or sitting your part 3 exam.

  • Generally depending on your availability and or test dates and times you will complete your training within 12 -18 Weeks.

option1.png Option 2 - 6 Month Training Packages.

  • Step 1: Initial payment of £150.00 (this includes all training material) as above and you part 1 exam fee:

  • Step 2: Pay six monthly instalments of £225.00 0% APR totalling £1350.00.

  • This includes your training (instructor hours) for part 2 and your part 2 exam fee: (£111.00) along with your 40 hours mandatory training for your part 3 exam(£25.00ph) to enable you to apply for a pink licence (training badge) or go straight into sitting your final exam.

option3.png Option 3 - 12 Months Training Package - Option 3 is for those who may still be employed or those who would like to complete the training at their own pace. We recommend that you still pay the initial £150.00 to the office to receive the starter pack which will include all the information you need to get the wheels in motion. Following completion of your part one exam you would then pay for your part 2 and 3 training as you go at £25.00 per hour and also have to pay the exam fees of £111.00 for both the part one and two exams.

 You can also break this down into a 12 month scheme and pay the initial £150.00 when you start and then pay monthly for 12 months at £112.50pm 0% APR. (totalling £1350.00) plus the £150.00 totalling £1500.00

If you were to pay as you go you need to be mindful as the course could end up costing you more: Breakdown below:

  • Step 1: Initial payment of £150.00 (this includes all training material) as above and part 1 exam fee.
  • Step 2: Part 2 exam fee £111.00 – Assessment from instructor trainer £25.00 per hour, the average amount of hours to prepare for part 2 is 10 hours so allow £250.00 for training and £25.00 for assessment and then your test fee. Totalling £386.00 for part two

So, so far you would have spent £536.00

  • Step 3: 40 hours tuition at £25 per hour totalling £1000.00 plus part 3 test fee £111.00 totalling £1647.00, £147.00 over what we charge.


Once you’re certain that becoming a driving instructor is for you, and you’ve committed yourself to the training, the next step for you is to download the official DSA starter pack, ADI 14, from the DSA's website or contact our head office and we will send you a starter pack via email. You can also click here to submit a PDI registration form request and our head office will respond to you via email with all the information you need.

To summarise: before starting you training you must register with the governing body, the (DSA) to show an interest in becoming an instructor. This registration process includes a CRB (DBS Check) and an application request to the DSA. Once received by the DSA they will usually respond within 2-3 weeks with an outcome. If you are successful you will be issued with a (PRN) Personal reference number. This will be your personal ID number and without this you are unable to commence training.

Are you 21 or over? Yes  Have you ever been disqualified from driving or have you got 6 or more penalty points on your driving licence? No 
Have you had a full car driving licence for at least 3 years? Yes  What type of car is your driving licence for?  Manual
 Are you already registered as a driving instructor in another European Union (EU) country?  No  Have you ever been convicted of any non-motoring offences?  No
 Are you already registered as a driving instructor in another European Union (EU) country?  Yes...You can apply to transfer your driving instructor registration to the Great Britain register.    

To become a Driving Instructor you will have to pass Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 of your ADI training

Find out more about ADI and PDI training here

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