Franchises & Prices

A-Class Driving School offer a bespoke franchise package tailored to your needs.

You will work alongside some of the best individuals in the industry and have access to a multitude of training options along with full office support and advice throughout your training.

There a number of packages, ranging from the fully comprehensive package, to the smaller crossover package to suit those who are already training and are not satisfied with their current level of service.

Once you have registered and received your (PRN) from the DSA, A-Class will arrange a meet and greet for you to sit down and discuss all options available to you.

Key Benefits

There are a number of benefits to undertaking driving instructor training with A-Class Driving School. One of the key benefits is the one-to-one support you will receive from your trainer and the almost 24 hour office support from the Head office. You will be working on a self-employed basis and we will not stipulate the hours you work although we can pass you more than enough work for you to be work around the clock, however, this is not advisable. You will manage your own diary and pick the hours of work that suit you and your other commitments. You will, in reality, be your own boss with the added support form passionate, qualified and professional colleagues within the industry.

Take your time when picking a driving school not only to train with but also to work alongside with as there are many that will make promises that they cannot keep. This, unfortunately, does give some schools a bad reputation and we at A-Class driving school pride ourselves on tailored bespoke training.

Other key benefits include:
  • Unlimited pupils: Continuous supplies of new customers, helping you build your reputation and a good local client base.
  • Franchise free grace period when building up your diary, franchise will only start once you tell us you are fully booked, this generally happens within 2 weeks however depending on area and current demand can take up to 4 weeks.
  • Three weeks franchise free holiday per year (including last week of December) Take a break from teaching without having to worry about paying the franchise fee.
  • Three month rolling contract, we will not tie you down to working for us as from our experience you treat others how you would like to be treated, initially we will ask you for six months to allow us to show you what we can do. If not satisfied, you can exit the franchise with only 60 days notice anytime thereafter
  • Quick and easy booking process, thanks to our fast booking system, pupils can be slotted straight into your diary whether you are at home, out working or on holiday. You will immediately receive a text notification to your mobile with all the booking details and the pupil's contact information.
  • Full office support, accepting card payments from customers, rescheduling lessons on your behalf, booking practical tests, chasing pupils for unpaid lessons - and much more - is all part of our service.
  • A-Class Merchandise included in the franchise, pupil record books, business cards, price lists, pens etc
  • Targeted marketing campaigns, Including sponsored listings on search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo) as well as focused social networking campaigns on Facebook and Twitter.

At A-Class Driving School, we understand that every instructor has his/her own unique set of needs and objectives. Whether you wish to work fifteen or fifty hours per week, use your own tuition vehicle or need to have one supplied, we have the perfect franchise package to suit your needs!

Call now to speak with an agent 0333 577 5004 or 0845 459 5004

Full Time
  • You will be working over 20 hours per week
  • From £85 per week if you use your own vehicle (includes VAT)
  • From £170 per week if you require a vehicle and insurance (includes VAT)
  • Pupil introductions included
  • Pupil introductions target is 4-9 pupils per month
  • Pupil introductions guaranteed supply is 50 pupils per year minimum

To find out about working Part Time in franchise please get in touch.

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