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How many pupils will I get from you each week?

The answer to this question is as many as you would like. Working under the assumption that you will start will an empty diary, we would aim on getting you fully booked within 6 weeks of joining. In reality this means supplying you with on average 5-7 pupils per week until you've achieved the number of hours per week that you wish to work. Thereafter, we'll ensure you remain fully booked, referring new pupils to you on an "as needed" basis to replenish the ones you take to test who pass or those you may lose. Working under the A-Class Franchise you will not be expected to undertake any marketing yourself unless you want to.

Can I run my own driving lessons alongside your franchise?

The simple answer would be yes. You will be in control of your own driving lessons. You will decide how, when and where you want to work. All monies earned are yours. All you pay for is the franchise to work under the A-Class Driving School banner.

How does the pupil-booking process work?

All new bookings that are undertaken by us are distributed evenly. Throughout the a-class instructor network. Instructors will be notified either by text or phone with pupil contact details to arrange lessons. If at any time you wish to take on any more pupils of your own you are free to do so. This also allows you to choose the right franchise package for you. (see our franchise price package page)

Will you recruit more driving instructors in my area?

A-Class Driving School will ensure that all of our instructors have enough work and we will only look to expand that area when the current instructors are constantly turning pupils away. Until that time we will not franchise any more instructors.

What business support is provided?

A-class will contact you on a regular basis to help and advise you with your business needs and to see how your franchise is going. We are available 7 days a week by phone if you need advice on any issues arising whether car problems, up and coming standards, check tests, financial planning of further development.

Do you cover my area?

As an ever expanding Driving School already covering the county of Kent we are now looking for Driving instructors across Kent and South East London along with number of other areas. If we do not cover your area at present and you wish to Franchise through A-Class Driving School then do not worry as it will only take about two to three weeks to start supplying you with work. We are able to add and remove areas freely on our website that receives thousands of view weekly. Also if you are to get a franchise in a new area you will also benefit for the exclusivity of all leads supplied and any incoming pupil referrals. We are happy to negotiate and work with ADI’s/PDI’s in new areas and are currently looking at adding East Sussex to our areas covered.

Can I meet up with other local a-class instructors?

A-class encourage driving instructors to meet up in local areas to get to know each other and help share best practice. Such gatherings are a great opportunity to discuss any ideas you might have or issues related to your business with fellow instructors in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere of a pub or restaurant.

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