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Do the January 2013 motorcycle licence changes affect CBT's?

The compulsory basic training course will not change from January 2013. You are still able to provisionally drive a vehicle of 50cc and 125cc on the roads following the completion of the CBT Course. Your CBT certificate is only valid for 2 years after completion. You must pass your full motorcycle test within these 2 years or you will need to resit the CBT.

I did my CBT on a 50cc moped scooter, I'm now 17 can I ride a 125cc geared machine?

Yes you can ride a 125cc geared moped when you turn 17. We recommend some more training on this before changing to a manual motorcycle from an automatic motorcycle.

If I successfully complete my module 1-125cc motorcycle test before January 19th 2013, but not my module 2, am I still subject to this 3rd EU directive which affects my licence restriction?

You will only fall into the old restrictions if you are able to pass module 1 and module 2 before the 19TH January 2013. However, if you pass module 2 after 19TH January 2013 then you will fall under the new licence restrictions. This will mean you will be limited to 125cc.

I've passed my module 1 but not module 2, can I ride a bigger restricted bike e.g. 500cc / 600cc?

No. Until you have passed module 2 you only have control over the motorcycle so that you can take your module 2. Once you have taken module 2 you can ride a motorcycle in the category you take (A1=up to 125cc, A2= above 395cc&up to 47bhp/35kw, A= Unrestricted.). Module 1 does not affect your licence.

Can I take the A2 motorcycle test on a 125cc motorbike?

Unfortunately you cannot. A 125cc motorbike is A1. You can only take the A2 test with a 395cc + motorbike between 33bhp and 47bhp.

Why have the motorcycle licence, test and restrictions changed?

This is something you will need to ask the elected MP as we are not sure why these have changed.

Under the 3rd EU driving licence directive which came in on January 19th 2013, is there any way to "get around" each 2 year power restriction for a motorcycle licence?

To our best knowledge this isn’t possible. You either need to take the 395cc+ A2 test when you are 19 and then 2 years on take the unrestricted full test. If you do not wish to do this then you will have to wait until you are 24+ and take the unrestricted full test through the Direct Assess Scheme (DAS).

I took my 125cc test before this 3rd EU driving licence directive which came in on January 19th 2013, and I've been riding a machine restricted to 33bhp (25kw) motorcycle. Can I now increase the power to 47bhp (35kw)?

No, the category A2 test was taken within the scope of the previous testing and licence restriction. Those licence restrictions remain in place until your two years probationary period has passed. (Then your category A2 licence automatically becomes into a full category A motorcycle licence)

Do I need to re-take my theory test for each step in the current motorcycle test?

No, you only need one valid theory test when taking module 1 and module 2 on any test (category A, A1, A2 or p).

Can I restrict my bigger bike (250cc, 400cc, 500cc, 600cc etc.) to 125cc?

It is not recommended. 125cc is the displacement on the engine and a 500cc engine will always displace 500cc not 125cc. Changing a larger engine to a small engine will make the motorbike less efficient as the motorbike will be too heavy for the power of the engine. This motorbike will essentially become less effective than a 125cc motorbike.

Will my 33bhp restricted A2 motorcycle licence be affected by January 19th 2013 changes?

No, all existing 33bhp restricted licences will remain restricted. Restrictions will be lifted after 2 years.

I'm 18 riding a 125cc motorcycle on a CBT (Learner) can I ride in Europe e.g. France, Germany, Holland, Spain etc?

No, you can only ride a motorcycle in the country you are learning in when a CBT learner. To ride in motorcycle in Europe you will need to take a full test. You can take the A1 motorcycle test (limits you to 125cc), the A2 motorcycle test (you must be 19 to take this test) or unrestricted A test (can be taken 2 years after the A2 test when you are 21 or can be taken when you are 24).

If I pass my 125cc motorcycle test (category A1) can I ride in Europe e.g. France, Germany, Holland, Spain etc?

Yes. Once you have passed any of the tests you are able to drive in Europe. However you must stay on 125cc motorcycles wherever you are.

Can I take my motorcycle test on a scooter?

Yes you can. However, if you decide to take your test on an automatic scooter then you will be restricted to riding automatic motorcycles and scooters. The power restrictions remain the same.

I have a full car licence have I got "grandfather rights" to ride a 125cc motorcycle?

No. If you passed your car test before 2001 then you may have moped rights. You will be able to tell if you can ride a moped as there will be a lowercase p along the bottom of your driver’s licence. If you have this then you can ride a moped (maximum 50cc restricted to a max speed of 50kph or 31mph). To ride a motorcycle above 50cc up to 125cc you must complete the CBT training course.

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